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Q: Where are your company and factory located?
A: TOP QUARTZ SPECIALIST SDN. BHD. Is  Located Lot 36902, Jalan Pelabuhan Utara, NKS Industrial Area, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Q: What year was your company founded?
A: We are a professional countertops manufacturer since 1993. After years' working with our company, many of them have become strong companies in the local market. As you know the new tariffs cut off the way of importing quartz from China to the US, which pushes us to move the production line out of China. We have established our quartz factory in Malaysia last Nov and moved the whole production line of quartz slabs to our Malaysia factory.

Q: Name of the manufacturer of the mixing machine? 
A:   ZODI, We use the ZODI machine which has been widely used for quartz slabs pressing in China, it makes a nonporous surface and doesn't need to be sealed or treated, which ensures the quality of our quartz is as premium as what we make in China.

Q: How many slabs does a batch of raw materials produce? Do you mix in small batched? 
A:   For the same order, we will produce slabs together

Q: Does your company do cut to size countertops? 

Q: If how long have you been doing cut to size countertops?  
A:  We have been doing cut to size countertops for about 15 years in China.




Q: Can you match other colors?
A: Yes, we can copy the colors according to your samples. The matched samples will be done at our headquarter in Xiamen. Our professional technical team here will study the color configuration carefully. Sales in Xiamen will send the finished matched samples to our customers for approval. Once the samples approved, our headquarter will send the technical data to our Malaysia factory for mass-production. It will save us a lot of time to present a perfect matched samples to our customers, and will also shorten the delivery time for projects.

Q: How many edge profiles do you offer?  
A: Most orders use eased and polished, bevel, bullnose, 1 1/4” lamination, filtered, etc. If you need another edge finish, we can fabricate as required.

Q: Product Dimensions: Slab sizes
A:   3200x1600mm, that is 126”x63”

Q: How about your sample sizes? 
A: Normally our sample is 6x7cm or 10x10cm for grain and pure quartz, for marble vein quartz it is normally 10x10cm or 10x15cm, We can supply any size if we have products as required in stock.

Q: Are Specific Sample Slabs Produced to accurately show Veining Styles?
A: For now No, we have a picture show to customers.




Q: How many slabs do you produce per day per production line?
A:  When  production is stable, each production line can supply about 200 slabs
Q: How Much capacity is Available by Production Line?
Per Day 100-200 slabs each line
Per Month 3000-6000 slabs each line


Quality Inspection


Q: Quality from the beginning of the color matching process through production.  How do you measure production matches the color master panel?
A: For color-matched quartz order, normally we will color match with your original sample firstly then send comparison pictures or matched samples for your approval. When fabrication, we will press a slab based on components used for color match, to see if slab color match the original sample. If yes we will continue production. If not we will minor change components until a color matches perfectly.

Q: Quality inspection process for dimension.  
A:  We equip with the CNC cutting machine which is not only cut fast but also cut accurate. After fabrication, we will lay down every unit to check the thickness, size, flatness, seam consistency, color consistency, etc based on approved drawing.




Q: How do you handle the shop drawings?
A: Our estimation department has 4 staffs and 3 of them could make CAD drawings, normally 24 hours is ok for us to work out the prices and CAD drawings, for some complicated projects, we may need another 24 hours. We always send our Top Quartz drawings to our clients for approval before production.

Q: If we receive the breakage countertops from your company, what to do?
A: We use strong packing, the wooden pieces are thicker than the most factories and use steel rods to reinforce the wooden crates. Normally we will have no breakage. In case if the breakage happens, if it’s our Top Quartz's problem with improper packing, you take photos and send it to us, we will make up those pieces. But if it’s the problem of your workers during transportation or unloading, we will be not responsible for it.


Shipping Port


Q: What is your lead time for order placement to shipment from the port of exit
A: 45-60days for now, we will do the best to ship in a shorter time.
Q: Port of Exit
A: Port West Klang, Malaysia
Q: How many miles is the Port of Exit from your factory
A: Half an hour drive.


Payment Terms


A: 30% deposit and balance by T/T against copy of B/L.

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