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Top Quartz Specialist: The Master Quartz Kitchen Countertop Manufacturer


Manufacturing quartz countertops involves more precision and skilled personnel than one expects. Top Quartz Specialist has mastered the craft of perfecting the techniques for producing quartz countertops making the Top Quartz Specialist company a leading supplier of quartz countertops throughout the world.

The process of manufacturing quartz countertops takes considerable skill and experience, and technical know-how to produce a premium quality quartz countertop.

Discover and be amazed at what Top Quartz Specialist can do for you, from its Quartz Production Engineering up to understanding the in-depth advantages of choosing quartz countertops to your home.

Quartz Color Matching


Color matching is critical to the process, not only does the color have to match it has to match consistently throughout the quartz slab. Our highly qualified color match team has an archive of every color batch Top Quartz Specialist has ever produced.

Continuity of color is a prerequisite when producing quartz countertops; we demand the highest standards of color matching for our customer's satisfaction.

Custom Color Matching

Top Quartz Specialist takes great pride in offering our customers a custom color matching service, customers can submit their color sample to us and we will provide an exact match. When we are certain that the color match is perfect, we return the sample to our customer for their approval before we move to production of the said color.

We can color match Caesarstone, Silestone, Belstone, Color quartz, LG, MSI to the highest standard producing an identical color.

The Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing Processes

When producing quartz countertops, we use high tech modern machinery for the best quartz countertops. No expense has been spared in investment allowing us to become a leading quartz countertop production facility.

  • We use high grade synthesized acid-washed quartz in all of our quartz countertops be it for the kitchen or a bathroom vanity countertop.
  • Our mixture ratio is 93% acid-washed quartz and 7% high-grade polymer resin to produce the perfect countertop. A small amount of pigment is added to produce the specified color of the order sheet issued from our office to the production floor. Once the mixing process has been completed and verified by quality control the production of the quartz slab commences.
  • When the quartz mixture is introduced into the machine the operation starts and is monitored by trained, skilled operators.
  • The quartz mixture is exposed to high vacuum and high pressure to form the quartz slab when the desired parameters have been met heat is introduced to the process to cure the mixture and produce a hardened slab of quartz.
  • Once the new quartz slab is hardened the quartz automatically transfers to the grinding and polishing section.
  • After the process, the quartz has a gloss finish and is ready to be cut to the specifications of the customer.

The combination of the best quality quartz and polymer resin produces an impressive hard high finish quartz slab. Our quartz slabs are now scratch-resistant and heat resistant, they are also impermeable to water and ingress of any other particles that could be present in a residential setting.

Hardness is measured on the Mohs scale from 1 to 10, 1 being the softer and 10 being the hardest substance known to man. Top Quartz Specialist quartz countertops have a hardness measurement of 7 making our countertops extremely hard and durable.

The composition of the engineered quartz countertop provides a perfect solution for everyday home living. The quartz has radiance and depth and feels that can only be experienced from natural stone countertops.

Production Process


1. Mitering the quartz countertop


Depending on the design of your kitchen layout the customer may require right angle countertop returns to maximize the available space of the kitchen.

We produce precise 45-degree mitering in our factory; the miter should be specified with the order to provide the customer with a seamless quartz countertop. If the mitering is not precise the miter joint could be chipped and misaligned, this will be visible and unsightly to the customer.

Only the Top Quartz Specialist has dedicated professional equipment to produce the perfect miter. Mitering should not be attempted by the installation team to give the customer the best product.

2. Laminating the edges


Our laminated edges are completed with precision; only with the closest inspection is it possible to see the faintest of the seam line. We use professional alignment techniques and specialist adhesives to achieve this seamless lamination.

Our manufacturing jigs are made with precision and are regularly checked for alignment.

Our packaging is completely waterproof and provides the quartz countertops with full protection from being loaded and unloaded with additional protection while exposed to the elements.

3. Waterproof Labeling


We want to make sure our customers receive their quartz countertops at the destination they are required. We use clear waterproof labeling that can withstand all weather conditions if the crates are stored outside waiting for shipping.

Our labels are clear and the information on the label is verified before the label is placed on the shipping crate.

4. Shipping the quartz countertops

strong wooden crate for shipping

At Top Quartz Specialist we take great care in making sure that our customer receives a perfect quartz countertop, we ensure the countertop is delivered free from damage and delivered to the correct location the first time.

Our finished countertops are covered with a protective layer of plastic to prevent any possible surface damage to the countertop.

We then pack our quartz countertops in sturdy custom packing cases made on-site for your specific quartz countertop. The construction of the wooden crate is reinforced with iron brackets if needed to ensure the wooded crate can withstand the rigors of being shipped around the world.

Key Advantages of Using Quartz Countertops


There are many reasons customers decide to choose quartz countertops and some of the reasons are glaringly evident.

  1. Quartz countertops are beautiful and can be produced in a vast range of colors to meet the customer's design parameters. Quartz countertops add quality to the home.
  2. They are more functional than just about any other countertop on the market. The quartz countertop will not lose its factory finish luster and unlike other stone countertops will not oxidize over time.
  3. Quartz countertops can withstand heat (a heating pad should always be used to absorb the heat from pots and pans) for short amounts of time. I lit match dropped on to quartz countertop will not mark the surface.
  4. Quartz countertops never need to be sealed as they are impervious to spills such as water, wine, fruit juice, coffee tea and more.
  5. Makeup spills and debris easily wipe clean from the surfaces of quartz vanity countertops.
  6. The quartz countertop is stain-resistant and easy to clean.
  7. Top Quartz Specialist countertops are hygienic, bacteria cannot remain on the surface providing the countertop is cleaned with warm soapy water. Quartz countertops do not have microscopic crevices where bacteria can grow and contaminate food.
  8. The cleaning regime of quartz countertops is a simple process as spills and debris are not absorbed into the quartz countertop.
  9. The cleaning regime is as simple as wiping the surfaces with clean soap water. The cleaning cloth will glide across the glossy surface. No need for expensive specialized cleaners or scouring pads.
  10. It is very durable and stronger than granite that it can last for decades or even a lifetime if properly maintained.
  11. Increase your Home Value with Top Quartz Specialist Countertops. It is a well-known fact that remodeling your kitchen or bathroom can add thousands of dollars to your home. By adding quartz countertops, we can expect an exponential increase of value to the home particularly if the home's location is in a desirable area to live. Across North America the demand for housing is high and quartz kitchen countertops or quartz vanity countertops could clinch that sale you have been waiting for.
  12. Quartz is a zero radiation or radon emissions


A natural phenomenon occurs with some natural stone and in particular granite, large granite plumes can emit Radon gas. Radon gas is a radioactive natural element associated with certain rock types. Radon is odorless, colorless and tasteless. Radon emissions are very low and insignificant however, there is some evidence to suggest that Radon is dangerous like all other radioactive materials. The good news is that quartz is not in the group of rocks that has ever had any reports Quartz Countertops are 100% safe and inert giving the customer the ultimate knowledge that quartz is the best choice for their countertops.

Top Quartz Specialist is a professional quartz stone distributor and manufacturer. As a well-respected, trusted company with an experienced team, we don’t just supply quartz slab, but also cut-to-size projects, always ensure in-time delivery with premium quality.

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