How to evaluate a quartz countertop fabricator's quality? 2022-01-19

There are lots of factories can make quartz countertops, but do you know how to evaluate a good one? Many stone factories are equipped with old machines from 10+ years, they think countertop fabrication is very easy like just making cut to size. But it's not! 

Some points to get a better factory:

1, Better facilities lead to better quality.

If you use new and higher costing facilities, the quality is more guaranteed. We use ZODI machine which has been widely used for quartz slabs pressing in China, it makes a nonporous surface and doesn't need to be sealed or treated, which ensures the quality of our quartz is as premium as what we make in China. Our factory also equipped with CNC machines to fabricate the quartz countertops there.


2, How do you make sink cutouts & faucet holes? 

Many factories just use the manual cutting machines for these, they are not very guaranteed with exact measurements. We do use computer pre-programmed waterjet machine to make, simple and accurate.

3, Workers' skills.

5+ experience workers & freshmen with lower salary, who will you choose? We choose 5+ experienced workers without doubt though we pay more, but our business is more guaranteed. This last your opportunities from your clients and averagely the cost is not so much.


4, Environment of the factory.

Stone processing is a tough work, everywhere is full of dust. But for quartz products especially for the tops, the clean environment is very important, for example, during the lamination, the air pollution will make the seam visible and easy to occur problems. TOP QUARTZ SPECIALIST SDN. BHD. has the dust-removal system to keep the factory inside clean.

5, Packing.

Countertops are composed with different big and small tops pieces, and normally projects require unit packing. That require experienced workers and factory to handle well, using strong wooden crate with thick iron sheet.

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