Popular quartz countertops Manufacturers | How to process ultra-thin stone 2020-09-03
Popular quartz countertops Manufacturers | How to process ultra-thin stone

With the widespread use of ultra-thin stone today, people's demand for ultra-thin stone is increasing, and the processing methods of ultra-thin stone are also in people's sight. After the ultra-thin stone is technically processed, it can be more flexibly used in various decoration buildings. Let’s take a look at how the ultra-thin stone is processed today.
Popular quartz countertops Manufacturers
Ultra-thin stone processing

1. Preparation before processing. Ultra-thin, stone processing generally uses frame saws and diamond circular saws for processing, and when these two methods are used, large flatness and thickness errors will occur. Therefore, before processing it, it must be processed with thickness and polishing. After cutting it into the required specifications, the ultra-thin stone can be cut.

2. Selection of processing equipment. According to different processing requirements, the choice of processing equipment is also different. For example, for ultra-thin processing of marble stone, diamond band saw processing equipment is generally used, which can cut marble into various types of plates, and the thickness of the cut can be as thin as 2mm. However, the processing of ultra-thin granite stone cannot use a diamond band saw processing equipment, which generally uses a single diamond disc saw.

3. Thickness calculation. After selecting the appropriate processing equipment according to the specifications of the ultra-thin stone, a trial cutting must be performed first to measure the width of the cut. Then select the engineering board with a predetermined thickness according to the requirements, and calculate the thickness of the cut board.

4. After the thickness of the ultra-thin stone is calculated, the ultra-thin stone can be placed in the processing equipment for processing.

Ultra-thin stone processing method
Popular quartz countertops Manufacturers
(1) Processing of three-dimensional special-shaped stone. The processing of special-shaped stone mainly refers to the processing of stone carvings, door and window covers, vases, etc. The processing methods are mainly chopping, chopping, grinding, shoveling, chiseling, drilling, etc., which can be used manually Processing, mechanical processing is available.

(2) Plane and special-shaped stone. Such as kitchen cabinet countertops, tabletops, etc., whose processing methods are mainly produced by cutting, grinding, polishing, and other methods.

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