The advantages of quartz stone sink 2020-09-10
The advantages of quartz stone sink

The kitchen is a place with fireworks atmosphere in the home, so we must pay attention to it when decorating. Only when the kitchen decoration satisfies us, can we have a good mood to cook various delicacies for the family. Next, we will bring Let's first understand the quartz stone sink, let's take a look at the advantages of the quartz stone sink.
The advantages of quartz stone sink
1. Introduction to the advantages of quartz stone sink

1. It is not scratched, the content is as high as 93%, the hardness is second only to diamond, and the hardness can be as high as 7.5, which is much larger than the sharp tools in the kitchen and will not be scratched.

2. No pollution, strong anti-corrosion ability, just wipe it off with water or cleaning agent, and scrape off the residue if necessary.

3. It is not worn out, more than 30 polishing treatment techniques, it is not easy to be scratched, discolored and other doubts, just use clean water to rinse, no maintenance and maintenance.

4. Incombustible, melting point is as high as 1300 degrees, incomparable high temperature resistance.

2. How to buy a good quartz stone sink

The price of quartz stone slabs is relatively high. Because of the high cost of production process, the quality of quartz stone countertops in the market is also divided into three or six or nine grades. Consumers must choose brand companies with good reputation and guaranteed service. Make a purchase.

The advantages of quartz stone sink

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