Why is quartz stone countertops easy to deform and burst after high temperature 2021-12-17
Why is quartz stone countertops easy to deform and burst after high temperature

In home decoration, more and more people choose stone as decoration material, because the stone is dignified and elegant, and the stone has been refurbished for a century as new, and the stone has the natural texture given by nature, and each piece has vitality. With the pursuit of a green life, more and more people choose quartz stone instead. Especially the use of cabinets and countertops is the most common in all home decorations, and the problems exposed by it become more and more obvious, such as deformation and explosion. Today, the editor will explain the reasons for the deformation and explosion of the quartz stone countertops.

Artificial quartz stone plates are divided into casting plates and die-casting plates, both of which are composed of 93% quartz sand and about 7% of pigments, resins, and other adjusting bonding and curing agents. The casting plate is naturally cured like ordinary artificial stone production, while the die-casting plate is formed by negative pressure vacuum, high frequency vibration, heating and curing, its texture is hard, the structure is compact, and other decorative materials can’t match the wear resistance (Mohs hardness) Above grade 6-7), pressure resistance (density 2.0g/cubic centimeter), high temperature resistance (temperature resistance 300℃), corrosion resistance, anti-permeability, no pollution source and radiation source, green and environmentally friendly artificial stone.

The price of cast quartz stone is also relatively cheap, and the quality is very different from that of die-casting plate, and the density, hardness, and penetration resistance are not up to the requirements. Because the casting plate is soft, it is easy to deform after being exposed to high temperature. There are still many people wondering why quartz stone can withstand high temperatures of up to 300°, why would a hot container be placed directly on the table to cause it to explode? Because of the 7% resin solvent in the raw material of the quartz stone slab mentioned above, the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction is prone to occur when exposed to high temperatures, and cracks are prone to occur due to sudden local heating such as when the expansion joint is not reserved during the installation of the table. The quartz stone manufacturer reminds all users to avoid direct contact with the hot container on the countertop and use heat insulation pads.

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