Matters needing attention when using waterproofing agent  2021-12-17
Matters needing attention when using waterproofing agent 

1. Read carefully the instructions for use of the selected waterproofing agent, the operation method and the matters needing attention during operation. 

2. Pay attention to choosing the water repellent corresponding to the stone surface form, and do not use it randomly. When the type of waterproofing agent selected for the waterproof treatment of the front and back of the stone is different, more care should be taken not to mix it so as not to eventually affect the waterproof effect, which is time-consuming, laborious, and useless. 

3. The ideal working temperature of the waterproofing agent is 5~25~C. Therefore, you should avoid direct sunlight when working and prevent moisture until the waterproofing agent is completely hardened and penetrates deeply into the stone. 

4. Choose the appropriate water repellent treatment times according to the penetration of the water repellent. After brushing the last water repellent, the remaining liquid on the stone surface should be wiped after 10-30 minutes. 

5. The waterproofing agent should be stored out of the reach of children and others. 

6. ​​Before applying waterproofing agent, the surface that needs to be painted with waterproof treatment should be clean and dry. If conditions permit, the stone that needs to be waterproofed can be spread out in the sun for several hours. The stone that needs to be waterproofed should not have any coating (for example, the surface of the stone must not be polished with wax, polishing oil and other stone surface treatment agents). This is very important. In case of rainy weather, use liquefied gas baking gun or sun lamp to bake the stone surface. 

7. For large-scale stone surface protection, the waterproofing effect of the waterproofing agent should be measured on a small sample in advance to check whether the waterproofing agent will affect and change the color of the stone and determine the consumption of the waterproofing agent. This is very necessary. 

8. Do not touch some synthetic materials that are not resistant to solvents, such as rubber, paint, or plants on the surface of the stone that needs to be waterproofed. 

9. Excess water repellent on the surface of the stone may cause the stone to "frost" or produce "stain", so the excess water repellent should be wiped off in time. 

10. When applying waterproofing agent, you should wear necessary labor protection supplies, such as a gas mask and labor protection gloves. 

11. Wash your hands frequently when applying waterproofing agent. 

12, pay special attention when brushing or spraying waterproofing agent, take a proper rest every 30-60 minutes. Go to the fresh air and breathe. 

13. Smoking is strictly prohibited when doing waterproof treatment. Because some types of waterproofing agents are flammable and may even be explosive, safety must be ensured. 

14. Pay attention to the weather changes before and during the construction of waterproof treatment. Rainy and humid weather will have a certain impact on the waterproof effect.

Emergency measures in case of water repellent allergy and poisoning  

Some operators may be allergic to the waterproofing agent when brushing the waterproofing agent. If this phenomenon occurs, it can be recovered by stopping work for a period of time. If you have itchy throat, cough, dizziness, or difficulty breathing due to the aerosol of the waterproofing agent, you should go to the hospital.

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