How to choose stone waterproofing agent 2020-09-24
How to choose stone waterproofing agent

As we all know, stone is a natural product and contains various chemical substances. As long as the chemical properties of these chemicals are under certain conditions, they may be activated and decomposed, or chemical changes may cause damage to the surface of the stone, which greatly affects the decorative effect of the stone.

Protect the stone from the corrosion and pollution of various external substances, so that the stone will always retain its "youth" and "showy" beauty. Prevent weathering of the stone surface. At present, there are many varieties of water repellents sold in the Chinese market, including domestic and imported ones. These different brands of water repellents vary greatly in quality and price. So how to identify the performance of stone waterproofing agent, intuitive judgment: one smell, two look, three rubs (how to identify the performance of stone waterproofing agent).

And we also need to read the instructions for use of the selected waterproofing agent, operation methods and matters that should be paid attention to during the operation. (Matters needing attention when using waterproofing agent)

In addition, the stone is also very easy to be contaminated by external substances. If the surface is not properly protected, external dirt is very easy to invade the outer surface and the inside of the stone and make the stone ugly, thereby greatly reducing the ornamental value of the stone. And decorative effect. Therefore, the significance of choosing stone waterproofing agent is very important.

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