Quartz stone sink characteristics What are the installation methods of quartz stone countertops 2020-09-30
Quartz stone sink characteristics What are the installation methods of quartz stone countertops

Quartz stone sink is one of the most used in recent years. The surface of the quartz stone sink adopts the most advanced production technology and is a decorative surface material made by more than 30 polishing processes. It is a high-hardness and environmentally friendly composite Quartz material. The quartz crystal itself has natural characteristics such as crystal clear, clear, beautiful color, luxurious, high hardness, no deformation, no discoloration, strong toughness, no radioactivity, acid and alkali resistance. The following introduces the characteristics of quartz stone sinks and the installation method of quartz stone countertops.

Features of Quartz Sink (Quartz Slab Forming Process)

1. It won't be scratched   

Quartz stone is not scratched, and its appearance is very strong. The hardness is second only to the natural mineral deposits of diamonds. It is much larger than the sharp tools such as knives and shovel used in the kitchen and will not be scratched.  

2. No pollution

The appearance of quartz stone is non-polluting. Normally used liquid substances will not penetrate the inside. The liquid that has been placed on the surface for a long time only needs to be wiped off with a rag with clean water or a cleaning agent such as clean and bright. If necessary, a blade can be used to scrape off the remaining material on the surface.  

3. Not old

The appearance of the quartz stone is through more than 30 messy polishing treatment techniques, which is not afraid of being scratched, will not be saturated with liquid substances, and will not cause yellowing and discoloration. Normal cleaning only needs to be washed with water, which is simple Easy. Even through long-term use, its appearance is the same as the newly installed countertops, without maintenance and maintenance.  

4. Not burning   

Natural quartz stone is very weather-resistant and unsuitable for burning. Its melting point is as high as 1500 degrees. Quartz stone made of 93% natural quartz is completely flame retardant. Quartz stone sinks and countertops will not burn due to high temperatures. Artificial stones are also available. Unmatched high temperature resistance characteristics of the countertop.  

5. Non-toxic and non-radiation   

Quartz stone is non-toxic five-radiation, very safe, smooth in appearance, and stays smooth without scratches. (Quartz stone expert | Quartz stone has no radioactive hazard)

Quartz stone countertop installation method

1. When installing, first check whether the cabinets and floor cabinets are flat, check whether there is an error between the tabletop to be installed and the size of the site. If there is an error, it needs to be processed again, trimmed or adjusted.

2. When installing the countertop, it is necessary to leave a distance between the countertop and the wall. Generally, the gap is between 3-5mm. The gap is to prevent the expansion and contraction of the back surface and the cabinet from expansion and contraction. After the installation is completed, You also need to put glue on the gap.

3. When installing sinks and other devices, you can trim the quartz stone countertops and the water barriers on the countertops to check whether they are suspended. For some tiny suspended shapes, we can add some glass glue on the back and bottom of the stone to perform Filling, for some serious unevenness, you need to stop the construction and adjust the cabinet to a flat state.

4. For some relatively long countertops, it is necessary to use some strong glass clamps to clamp the extrusion gaps of the countertops, and the gaps must be cleaned.

5. You can apply some coloring glue under the water retaining strips of the cabinet to stick the water retaining strips. Do not use connecting gels such as marble glue to prevent adhesion after bonding. Too tight and cause cracking or fracture of the countertop.

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