Black quartz stone countertop whitening solution 2020-10-09
Black quartz stone countertop whitening solution

1. protect yourself

Black quartz stone countertops are easily contaminated by dust, pigments and other substances, so they should be protected.

2. Grinding optimization must be done well

The grinding optimization stage of black quartz stone countertops should be 150#+300#+500# or 200#+400#+800#, which needs to be continuously cross-polished for more than 3 times. The more passes, the more uniform the stone's background color will be. Clear.

3.prevent scratches

During the construction, prevent the gravel or hard objects brought by external factors from scratching the ground; timely clean up the mud on the site and the mud of the machine itself to prevent the debris from scratching the ground and keep the ground highly clean; prevent coarse-grained scratches on the grinding disc .

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