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How to distinguish true and false quartz stone plates

Quartz stone slab countertop is a new-tech artificial stone synthesized from fine jewels. It has various colors and has the texture and luster of natural stone. Quartz stone slab is an environmentally friendly and green new building interior decoration material that is non-radioactive and reusable. Therefore, it is widely used in kitchen countertops, washstands, kitchen and bathroom walls, dining tables, coffee tables, windowsills, door covers and other fields.

The shiny and bright surface of the quartz stone plate has undergone more than 30 complicated polishing processes. Even after a long period of use, the surface is as bright as the newly installed countertop. The real quartz stone countertop has the characteristics of high hardness, strong corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. Even if you use sharp tools such as a knife and shovel, the surface will not be scratched. It also has excellent corrosion resistance to acid and alkali in the kitchen, and also has high temperature resistance that other countertops such as artificial stone can't match.

In the quartz stone plate, the higher the content of quartz and the lower the amount of resin, the better the quality, and the closer it is to natural, the less deformable it is. When the content of resin in the quartz stone is greater than 10%, it cannot be called a real quartz stone. Among the various products, how to distinguish the quality of quartz stone countertops, and to buy genuine quartz stone plates, is particularly important. How to distinguish between true and false quartz slabs and become a master purchaser can be tested according to the characteristics of quartz.

Weapon 1: Soak test with hydrochloric acid etc.

In order to maximize profits, some manufacturers will dope calcium carbonate into the raw materials of quartz stone slabs. Calcium carbonate reacts with acid. If you choose this type of countertop, the countertop will easily change in later use. Therefore, when purchasing, you can take a sample plate and soak it in dilute hydrochloric acid or other acidic liquids. If the product contains calcium carbonate, it will react with acid.

Weapon 2: Test the dirtiness

The surface and internal structure of high-quality quartz stone plates are equally dense and uniform, so the water absorption rate is low, and the permeability is strong; while the imitation quartz stone with backward production equipment and technology is often limited to the appearance that looks similar, but the internal structure is loose and porous, weak penetration resistance, strong water absorption and dirt penetration. When purchasing, you can pour the soy sauce on the quartz stone countertop to check whether it will be perfect. Inferior quartz stone slabs will be yellowing in one day, while high-quality quartz stone slabs will not.

Weapon 3: Check the wear resistance with a knife

The main component of the quartz stone plate is silica, which has the highest hardness. The quartz stone on the market is synthesized from quartz crystal and resin. Generally, the quartz content is marked as about 93%. Therefore, the possibility of fracture is very small, and it is also relatively wear-resistant. The fake quartz stone has a high resin content, and the surface hardness will be relatively low, and it is easy to scratch. When purchasing, you can use a knife to try to make a stroke on the table.

Tip 4: Use fire to check heat resistance

Inferior quartz stone plates have too high resin content, and heat resistance will also be reduced. Therefore, you can use this to burn the sample with a lighter, etc., and then see if there are traces on it.

How to identify the pros and cons of quartz stone

1. Hardness: The surface has a Mohs hardness of 7. The simple detection method is to use an iron sharp object to squeeze to observe the damage point without scratches.

2. High temperature resistance: 300℃. Place a stainless steel cup filled with boiling water on the countertop for 30 minutes, and the color will not change. Or put a lighted cigarette butt on the quartz stone and it will not change color.

3. Look for the trademark on the front of the quartz stone.

4. Environmental protection: It can provide green environmental protection certification tested by authoritative department.

5. Fire resistance: Use 10mm×30mm quartz stone thin strips to burn on an open flame.

6. Acid and alkali resistance: Use 3% hydrochloric acid solution or 100g/L citric acid solution, 30g/L sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide solution to corrode the surface, and there is no obvious visible change on the surface.

7. Water absorption: less than 0.04%. Sprinkle a little water on the surface of the quartz stone for 24 hours and observe the color without whitening.

8. High-quality quartz stone does not contain residual solvents and has no pungent chemical odor.

9. The back of high-quality quartz stone is printed with computer anti-counterfeiting code (that is, you are choosing the color number or code of the countertop stone).

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