Elaborate on the application fields of quartz stone plates 2020-10-12

Elaborate on the application fields of quartz stone plates

Quartz stone is an artificial stone product. It is currently an abbreviation of the plate produced by quartz stone manufacturers. Because the main component of the plate is more than 93% quartz, it is called quartz stone. More accurately, it should be called quartz. Stone plates.


   Speaking of quartz stone slabs, perhaps the first thing that everyone thinks of is cabinet countertops, quartz stone countertops, they will mistakenly think that quartz stone slabs are just a material used to make countertops. In fact, quartz stone slabs are very versatile. Since my country's quartz stone slabs were only imported in accordance with resistance, the price of quartz stone slabs was too high, so it was only used on cabinet countertops, laboratory countertops and window sills that have high requirements for countertops.

   With the rapid development of my country's quartz stone slab production enterprises, production technology and production capacity have increased. At present, quartz stone slabs have been widely used in the floors, walls, windowsills, cabinet countertops, desktops and door covers in hotels, banks, hospitals, laboratories and home decoration. Because quartz stone plates are more beautifully decorated, it requires careful work of abrasive tools before decoration to design beautiful and generous use in various fields. Specifically, quartz stone plates can be applied to various scenarios.

   Quartz stone plate countertop applications: 1. Ordinary countertops: cabinet countertops, bathroom vanities, windowsills, dining tables, commercial counters, reception counters, writing desks, computer tables, bar counters, coffee tables, etc.

  2. Hospital countertops, laboratory countertops: Quartz stone plates have excellent acid and alkali resistance, easy to clean and care, and there is no place for bacteria to hide, meeting the requirements for a sterile environment.

   Quartz stone floor application: 1. Floor tiles (both indoors and outdoors)

   2. Ground parquet

   Quartz stone wall application: 1. Wall tiles (both indoors and outdoors)

  2. TV background wall

   Commercial decoration application of quartz stone plate: 1. Architectural decoration

   2. Entertainment venue decoration

  Quartz stone plate furniture application: bathroom application, art processing

   The most important thing about the quartz stone plate is its use value. Wear resistance: The surface hardness of the quartz stone can be as high as Mohs' hardness level 6.5 or more, which is much greater than general sharp tools, and will not be scratched by it; easy to clean and pollution-free: the quartz stone plate is manufactured under vacuum conditions with the same surface and inside, compact and non-porous composite Material, liquid substances used in daily use will not penetrate the inside. The liquid that is placed on the surface for a long time can be wiped off with a rag with clean water or cleaning agents such as Jierliang; non-toxic and non-radiation; the surface of the quartz stone plate is smooth It is flat and has no scratches, and the dense and non-porous material structure makes bacteria nowhere to hide, and it can be in direct contact with food, which is safe and non-toxic.

  The main specifications of quartz stone plates:

   Quartz stone slabs are formed according to two standard sizes of length×width×thickness (unit: mm):

   Type A: 2440×760×12-15(±0.3)

   Type B: 3150×1420×12-15 (±0.3)

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