Quartz maintenance | Quartz stone countertop cleaning tips 2020-10-22

Quartz maintenance | Quartz stone countertop cleaning tips
Quartz maintenance | Quartz stone countertop cleaning tips
1. Scrape the dirt with a knife

The water stains we leave in our daily use can be soaked in water or detergent and wiped dry with a cloth. If there is dirt, we can use a small blade to scrape the dirt on the surface.

2. Vitamin C removes rust

What to do if there is rust on the countertop, we can grind the vitamin C tablet into a powder, then add a little water to mix it into a paste, apply it on the rust and wait for ten minutes, then wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

3. Apply toothpaste to clean

If you accidentally pour dark things like soy sauce or vinegar on the quartz stone countertop, we have to wipe it off immediately. Then we apply toothpaste on the quartz stone countertop. After 10 minutes, wipe with a damp cloth to clean the stains.

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