Home use of quartz stone 2020-11-18
Home use of quartz stone

    Quartz is a mineral, it will not be consumed quickly. It is also the most widely used ore in the world, and its storage in the crust is quite abundant. This makes it an ideal ore for household use. It has a wide range of uses, from home decoration to electrical equipment and so on. Here are some options for quartz for household use.

     1. Choose a quartz-halogen lamp, which is more durable and suitable for home use. Quartz-halogen lamp design is modern and brighter.

     2. Choose outdoor heater with quartz design. This kind of heater generates infrared radiation energy only when it is heated, so that it can save electricity. It can also be installed in the fitting room away from children and pets, because this heater does not have any flames.

     3. Select the quartz countertop. Replace granite countertops with quartz. Quartz countertops are more resistant to scratches, easier to clean, and will not be damaged by household chemicals such as hair spray. Its color is also more uniform, because it uses quartz to make solid surface countertops during processing.

     4. Purchase a pressure gauge made of quartz. Quartz has piezoelectric properties, which allows it to generate a charge control voltage.

     5. Consider using quartz for the inner walls of bathrooms and bathtubs. It is heat resistant, not easily scratched, and easy to clean, which makes it an excellent, durable choice for bathrooms.

     6. Wear jewelry made of quartz. It is cheaper than other expensive stones, but as beautiful as diamonds. It is also easy to care for and very durable. It has a wide variety of colors and can have many artistic uses in jewelry design.

     Tip: Be careful when replacing quartz-halogen bulbs at home because they are very hot.

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