How do you tell when buying quartz stone 2020-12-07
How do you tell when buying quartz stone

The most important thing in the kitchen decoration is the choice of cabinet countertop materials, because the quality of the countertop depends on the service life of the kitchen! Why do you say that, because there are too many things in the kitchen, such as water, electricity, gas, etc., if the countertop If there is a problem, replacement will involve all equipment. Disassembly and installation may seem simple, but it is not. For the selection of countertops, many people suggest that quartz stone is better. Quartz stone is good, but nowadays the market is mixed, and there are not a few fakes. But for 
The simpler way to distinguish is to look at the price, because the quartz stone has high quality, its price is destined to not be cheap, if you buy the "quartz stone" per linear meter price is less than 350 yuan (normal single-color particles after 15mm Plate), we must take a closer look at whether it is granite or high imitation quartz stone. 180 yuan a meter or more than 200 a meter must be "fake quartz stone", high imitation quartz stone looks very similar to quartz stone (the quality is much lower than that of artificial granite compared to quartz stone), but the hardness and oil leakage The aspect is very bad, and it is not environmentally friendly, and even toxic.

In addition, look at whether the quartz stone is scratch-resistant and specific gravity. More than 90% of the quartz stone is composed of quartz. According to monitoring, its hardness is comparable to that of diamonds (Mohs hardness ≤ 5), and knives in the kitchen, etc. And so on, can not compete with quartz stone, not easy to be scratched. Therefore, when buying quartz stone, you can scratch it with a knife. If there is no mark left, it means it is a real quartz stone. The density of the quartz stone plate is 2.3g/cm3, so the weight is relatively heavy. You can compare it with a sample when buying.

Then check the permeability of the quartz stone. The kitchen fume itself is more serious, and with the frequent use of soy sauce, vinegar and other seasonings, it will inevitably be spilled. If the countertop has poor impermeability, it will not be long before the cracks on the countertop will be covered with stains and bacteria will grow. The kitchen needs to be clean, and quartz stone can do just that. So when buying quartz stone, you can put a drop of ink on the countertop, and then almost use a paper towel to see if it will penetrate.

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