Why should you avoid on-site openings when installing stone countertops 2021-04-19
Why should you avoid on-site openings when installing stone countertops?

Quartz stone is an abbreviation for the plates produced by quartz stone manufacturers. As the production level of quartz stone continues to mature, some plates will add some particles to them for the sake of appearance. This will cause certain difficulties in the processing of countertops, especially now that the opening is extremely important!

The opening of the countertop can be said to be the most important thing in the processing of the countertop. If it is not well opened, it will have a direct impact on the service life of the countertop. The Mohs hardness of the quartz stone plate can reach up to level 7. If you choose to open the hole on-site, the tool used is only a hand-held cutting machine. If the cutting is improperly operated, it is prone to chipping and small cracks. In the later use, if the force is uneven Or uneven heating will cause the countertop to burst. Particleboard is more likely to have the possibility of edge collapse, so try to avoid opening holes on site! And the dust from the openings on the site will flutter around, which will cause some dust to be unable to be removed!

It is inevitable and crucial to process the potholes and stove holes for the cabinet countertops. The quality of the opening directly affects the service life of the countertop. So how to make holes? Holes should be made with large waterjets in the processing plant. It is worth noting that 90° right-angle holes should be avoided. If the right-angle holes are not evenly stressed or hit by heavy blows, they will cause the table to burst. Round corners should be used-Hole opening。 Hole process. If the customer requires that holes must be made on-site, the dust should also be reduced, and the cutting hole should be watered and cut when cutting!

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